As an enrolled undergraduate student at Regis you become a member of the 里吉斯大学学生自治会. 由学生会主席带领, RUSGA的使命是倾听学生的心声, 为他们辩护, 让学生有难忘的经历.

里吉斯大学学生自治会 is the student-led organization that encompasses all undergraduate students in 瑞吉斯学院 and the 鲁克特-哈特曼卫生专业学院. RUSGA aims to provide programming and activities for students with the goal of improving the Regis experience for every member of our community.

由所有本科生组成, 由学生的学费资助, 该协会包括校园内所有的俱乐部和组织, appointed directors and their committees and class representatives elected by 瑞吉斯学院 students. RUSGA was created in the spirit of empowering students to take the lead in creating programming and organizations that are of the most interest to them. RUSGA的领导, 由三名民选官员领导, seeks constant student input to ensure that campus life at Regis is safe and that every student adapts and succeeds academically, 他们在里吉斯大学期间的精神和社会生活.



2011年秋季推出, Regis has contracted with Enterprise Holdings to establish a car share program. RUSGA资助, the program provides students and families with a short-term car rental solution for students without cars. Students 18 years or older can enroll in the car share program and can rent one of the vehicles on an hourly or daily basis. 每小时的工资包括租车、汽车保险和汽油.) The program provides students with an excellent solution for getting to dentist appointments, 跑腿, 去山上玩一天, etc. 不仅对学生和家庭有很大的服务, 它减少了校园里的汽车数量和163银河网站的碳足迹.


Initiated in 2008 in collaboration with Denver Urban Gardens (DUG), 资金是12美元,000美元RUSGA的钱, the 瑞吉斯大学 社区花园 was established to encourage student, faculty, 员工与社区互动. 在接下来的几年里, the garden has also proven invaluable as an educational tool for faculty – particularly around carbon footprint issues around food transportation - and has developed into a common ground for university and community members. 了解更多关于花园的信息 dug.org.


Created and funded by the RUSGA Sustainability committee and implemented by the 瑞吉斯大学 Physical Plant, the “相信水龙头” initiative has resulted in the installation of twenty water filtration systems in buildings across campus. A concurrent “相信水龙头” campaign provides information about tap water cleanliness, 环境管理, and economic efficiency while encouraging community members to discontinue the use of plastic water bottles. 有趣的事实:“在美国,建议每天喝八杯水.S. 自来水费率约为美元.49 per year; that same amount of bottled water is about $1,400.-禁止瓶子.


RUSGA还在校园周围设立了五个回收垃圾箱. 他们位于O'Connell和Desmet后面, 住宅村北面, 正厅西侧, 学生中心后面,ALC东南. RUSGA继续教育里吉斯社区可回收, 不可回收和可堆肥的材料和废物.


RUSGA is working toward reducing the amount of organic matter that ends up in the local landfill. 主咖啡馆生产的可堆肥材料被重新分配, and discarded items and excess food are taken to a local farm co-op for composting.


2011年4月由RUSGA通过, the Sweatshop Free declaration recognizes that much of the world’s clothing continues to be manufactured under sweatshop conditions. 由大学耶稣会的理想, RUSGA is committed to purchasing ethically made attire with the desire to encourage clothing manufactures to pay their labor force living wages, 合理的工作时间和改善的工作条件.


作为里吉斯的学生, you now have the privilege of using the RTD bus and Light Rail system, 凭你的新公交卡免费. This is a great way to get around Denver and the surrounding areas. This service is included in your 学生活动 Fee for 瑞吉斯大学 undergraduate students. Only 瑞吉斯学院 or Rueckert-Hartman College undergraduate students who pay a 学生活动 fee are eligible to receive a packet of ten RTD bus passes. 在学生中心的问讯处停一下. 请带上你的身份证.


Initiated by the RUSGA Social Justice and Sustainability committees in 2012, the pledge challenges Regis students to be good stewards of our environmental resources. New and returning students have the opportunity to sign the pledge during our annual Welcome Week. I pledge that during my years at 瑞吉斯大学 I will explore and be mindful of the social, economic and environmental consequences of my behavior and that of my institution. 我将把社会公正融入我的日常生活, economic integrity and 环境管理 with the intention of promoting a sustainable and just society both in my community and the wider world.


Named after John Brisben Walker – the land developer who donated the property that the University resides on – the Pub was proposed in 2009 and finished in the Spring of 2011 as an initiative established and financed by RUSGA. In 2018, 作为学生中心改造的一部分, Walker’s was relocated within the Student Center and was renovated to create a modern pub look and feel that offers food and beverage options, 精选当地啤酒和葡萄酒, music, 几个电视, 台球桌, 沙狐球和舒适的地方坐下来和朋友放松. The grand opening of the newly renovated 沃克的酒吧 was held in the spring of 2019.


We, 里吉斯大学学生政府协会, informed by our commitment to be men and women in the service of others, 努力坚持知识的原则, 匠心与奉献. We aspire to be engaged leaders who are knowledgeable about what is happening on campus in order to better serve the student body; promote effective communication between students and university administrators; encourage inclusive community on campus through innovative programming; and act humbly, respectfully and with purpose to accomplish goals that benefit Regis students.